Apperance: 1962 AD

Favored Axiom: Apokalyypsi or Automata

Grant: Their wonders make Havoc checks with a bonus equal to the Atomists Resolve.

Atomists remember old promises of futuristic technology that would sweep away all the world's ills and they're still pissed they didn't get it. They believe that all problems are inherently solvable with technology alone; violence, poor governance, and poverty only need the right invention before they're banished from Earth forever. That some of these applications are vastly unethical or flatly impossible does not seem to deter them, and their utter lack of interest in the human element only makes matters worse.

Their Wonders are designed with an raygun gothic esthetic: everything is slick and streamlined, with geometric shapes and clean parallel lines constructed of shiny metal and glass, lit prominently by neon. Sweeping curves, parabolas, and acute angles are used to suggest movement - into the Future.