The Axiom of Independence
, it is based around Artificial Minds and Created Beings, but in layman's terms, you can make robots with it.

Those using this Axiom can create sentient, intelligent, and reasoning beings, whether they be godlike computer overminds, shambling alchemical zombies, or mechanical thralls. At its most basic levels, geniuses are limited to near-mindless wonders, but as they grow in skill and knowledge, the genius can create allies, minions, and, if they are not careful, beings that rival or even surpass their own mental capabilities.

Any wonder built in conjunction of Automata has some form of sentience, however high or low it may be and can function as a capacitor, holding mania for the genius until needed. It can also be used to build factories of simple drones to help create wonders and even spare bodies for your own back-up brain.

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