A genius is someone with the light of Inspiration inside them. When a person catalyzes and becomes a genius, Inspiration alters them and they become something more than human. A genius may be considered to be something of a mad scientist, but what a genius does and creates only resembles science and generally doesn't conform fully to physical laws.

When a person becomes a genius, they are said to catalyze. Catalyzing is a process that is fueled by an emotion that marks a genius's Inspiration for the rest of their life. These emotions are called Catalysts. Geniuses can catalyze from harsh experiences, heavy epiphanies, or even from bein in prolonged contact with another genius. At this point other geniuses try to keep up the masquerade that they barely exist, lest more geniuses pop up and less funding results because of it.

In order to better conduct their mad science and to further whatever goals they have, geniuses have formed several societies. The largest of these societies belong either to Lemuria or the Peerage. Lemuria is an ancient conspiracy of mad scientists who believe that their madness is true, and that reality is therefore somehow incorrect or flawed. A sub-philosophy of just how the Lemurians are right and how the world works is called a Baramin. The Peerage, on the other hand, recognizes that reality is completely real and that geniuses and what they create are truly insane. The Peerage is made up of five different organizations that are only loosely unified under that belief. An individual organization within the Peerage is called a Foundation. Smaller organizations that may or may not be bound to one of these two factions are called fellowships, and a group of geniuses working together is called a collaborative.