Once known as the Third Race, Lemuria today is but the remnants of a once extremely powerful society, a secret to most mortals and a dictoral empire among Geniuses. About 45 percent of all Geniuses who are actually aware of just what they are, are in some way affiliated with Lemuria, the rest are with the Peerage or are Rogues.

All Lemurians are Unmada, and believe that their ideals are absolutely correct and believe that they are not insane in their ways. Until the mid-20th Century, they held a great deal of sway via manipulating world events to "get the world back on track".

Lemuria today is but a weak and surly shadow of the once powerful behemoth is was, but it is still powerful in its own right. They still gain influence and have sectors around the world, a notable one being the US West Coast based Pacific Gauntlet. They also have Bureaus, hidden departments behind a national government. There are currently six known Bureaus in North America. They also contain Baramins, an older counterpart to the Peerage's Foundations.

The exact history of Lemuria is extremely dubious, a story riddled with plot holes, broken time streams and paradoxical development with no clear beginning. Lemurians constantly try to convince everyone that the correct timeline was not this one, and it was a world where geniuses were not restricted to the bounds of fellow mankind and made sport of humanity, tearing apart the world with constant war.

One thing that's probably concrete though is that Lemuria was originally created in the 19th century, as a bardo when the theory of a landbridge between Madagascar and Africa where lemurs migrated was debunked. But as occultics and theologians held significant spiritual belief in the idea, Lemuria was warped into something more than a primordial land, it became a realm that held a race of unique manes. These were the Third Race, a serpent-people civilization that waged war on the world that spawned it in maniacal domination.

At some point in the 20th century, something horrible happened, threatened by the destruction of their race, the Lemurians flung themselves back in time before anyone can act, and somehow they became the masters of humanity and simultaneously annihilated the Terminals into a temporal oblivion. As their home is now gone, they relegated themselves to subtlely controlling human history and its key figures under the notice of the servants of the Terminals, and recruited the very first geniuses of the world into their control in their quest to strip humanity of intellectual independence. They were now the Secret Masters of all society.

Though the original Lemurians were immortal, they were infertile and in time, many of the original lizard men perished, leaving only a handful of them left. These survivors had sense stripped themselves of their flesh to becoming terribly powerful god-like intellectuals of pure information called the Nine Unknown Men, and they were the only beings the Secret Masters, made up of the rest of the Third Race and the most powerful of Geniuses, answered to. By then however, many geniuses chose not to join Lemuria, and many didn't even know it existed. By the time of the Renaissance however, the masquarade was broken. The revolutionary ideas unleashed many Geniuses, eager to show their work, and mundane philosophers somehow managed to ruin Lemuria's Race History. By the Industrial Revolution, free Geniuses began to fight against the Lemurians, while many were killed the rest found safe haven within the Peerage, a resistance force.

By the 19th Century, the fight continued against Lemuria with Foundations and Fellowships founded, aiding in the war in the unified Invisible College while Lemuria seemed to be fading away as they tried to extinguish all the ideological fires within the world and as technology moved forward, bloody empires were built arund these new innovations. The Nine Unknown Men, motivated by the visions of their original home coming to being, continued to devestate everything opposing them. Until the middle 20th Century happened.

In 1957, the Race History of Lemuria crumbled, a large scale Maniac Storm was unleashed, intent on recreating the Third Race, but The Peerage launched a devastating counterattack, burning the new Lemuria down to ashes and continued to devestate their forces, destorying the Machines housing the Nine Unknown Men (all their clones, psychic duplicates, mirror-universe doubles, and brain tapes) and defeating all the Secret Masters.

But though they had freed humanity from the grasp of the Lemurians, the Peerage realized now humanity had gone off the rails from lack of control, to prevent further disaster, they restored Lemuria's Institution as a shadow of what it once was. And though Lemurians were dead, their idea was not. So the remaining followers took what remains of the Race History that could be found and follow the advice of Lemuria's last intact Supercomputer, which has not recieved new data to this day in over 50 Years. Slowly, Lemuria came back to being a known threat once again, and the Peerage continues to keep an eye on them.