A Mane is a spontaneous existance brought upon by a Maniac Storm, held together by the bursts of Mania that flow from the release of creative flow and theory. Whether living or inanimate, they sustain themselves with mania mainly through siphoning it from Geniuses for the purpose of themselves or the bardo they reside in.

Notable manes are often rejected theories that were once widely and purely believed in, such as Martians and Angels. In some cases, a mane is not created by a maniac storm, but was born on the bardo. As a creation of Mania, they are also vulnerable to Havoc, which can undo their existance in a flash.

As an actual being of thought, Manes are also capable of becoming Geniuses with the notably missing ability to generate their own mania. To rectify this, manes themselves are capable of siphoning mania from other sources, such as bardos, generators, or even other geniuses.

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