Obligation is the chain that holds a Genius to their humanity. As becoming Inspired means a genius can never return to their normal, mundane life. They can never return to their lives in medicine or in physics or in production. Their presence disrupts the mundane scientific process, they can never view equality among their peers ever again. As such, many Inspired try to become watchers, protectors of those who are not meant to look into his world, guardians of the common humanity.

Though this may be the idea, few have ever kept their word. Even the good Geniuses have found it bearable to test experiments on humans, gain riches through robbery, use men as pawns. Geniuses often have to struggle to keep their obligation to humanity, resisting the temptation and the rising pressures of finding test subjects, gaining grant money, places to work; many of the methods results in a Transgression, removing some of their human morality in the process. Those who are above that, Paragons, are rare to say the least.

But those who commit these acts of transgression without care of the consequences constantly distance their obligation to humanity, and truly become mad, dispassionate about human morals and unrestricted by their bounds. These geniuses devolve into Unmada, or worse, become Illuminated.

In game terms, Obligation takes the place of Morality.