It has been known that groups of free geniuses uninterested in the Peerage or the Lemurians come together into their own collaborations, but it only has been recently clear that these independent groups functioned the same as a Foundation. Peers called these groups programs.

Programs are small organizations not large enough to become a proper Foundation, as a foundation needs at least 1000 people to be established. Many programs on average usually range from 10 to 100 in membership with some noted outliers. All programs possess two favored Axioms and a grant, require the binding of a point of Mania, and otherwise function like exactly like smaller foundations.

There are many programs that establish themselves in many parts of the world, some of them secret, some of them obscure, and some that barely fit the definition at all. They are all created by lonesome geniuses who did not see the available choices as their niche.

The largest (canon) Program currently is the Ten Thousand Fans Program, whom some peers see as a potential sixth Foundation.