The term Ten Thousand Fans refers both to any non-Lemurian collaborative native to Asia and the current largest genius Program which has gained enough power and influence to be considered on par with a foundation. It is a likely candidate to be a sixth Foundation within the Peerage, with peers believing it would pertain to Mad Chemistry.

The program itself is an organization of mad scientists and philosophers that has spread across China and much of Asia ranging from Japan to the Gobi Desert and then some, which until the 20th century was held by Lemuria after they destroyed China's Inspired communites in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the 19h century, as Lemuria continued to lay waste on the spreading ideaological brushfires, the scattered Geniuses came together in various groups that combined Western Medicine and Taoist tradition with mixes of Chinese medicine and Indian mathematics. Lemurians began to call these societies the Ten Thousand Fans (as the groups continually fan the flames of heterodoxy they try to extinguish.) By the 20th century, they all united into one united program, ready to present its own unified philosophy.

  • Members: Formalists
  • Favored Axioms: Exelixi and Metaptropi
  • Grant: Spend one Mania in place of one day of food, one day of water, six hours of extra activity, or one minute of air.