The members of the Reformed Society of Progenitors are geniuses obsessed with growth and transformation, an obsession that can supersede the prerogative to abide by society's rules. As Progenitors as a whole were originally affiliated with the Illuminated (And thus Lemuria) due to their constant self modifications and increasingly distant connection to humanity, they are the most alien of the Peers. Many Geniuses who originally affiliated with the Society of Progenitors were Illuminated, which resulted in their eventual elimination in a bloody purge some years ago.

Gameplay Edit

The Progenitors' grant gives them the ability to make a size 0 wonder with only a -1 penalty and no penalty for a size 1 wonder. The bonuses for large wonders scale normally. They also can add their dexterity to any roll regarding modifying a wonder.

Their favorite axioms are Automata or Exelixi.